Street running is a sport that has been gaining more and more fans around the world. The feeling of freedom when running through the streets, the search for physical and mental well-being and the personal challenge are some of the reasons that make this practice a passion for many. In this text, we will explore the history of road running, the most common distances covered and the most famous championships that celebrate this very captivating activity.

History of the Road Race

The street race has its origins in Ancient Greece, with the realization of the Olympic Games, which took place every four years in Olympia. The first running competitions date back to 776 BC, where athletes ran a distance of approximately 192 meters. Over time, street racing events have developed and become popular in different cultures around the world.

Most Common Distances

Currently, street running is practiced at different distances, suitable for both beginners and more experienced athletes. The most common distances are:

  1. 5K races: This distance is very popular and appeals to both beginners and more experienced runners. It is a great option for those who are starting out in the sport and want to set achievable goals.
  2. 10K races: A little more challenging than the 5K races, the 10K races appeal to intermediate runners who want to test their endurance and speed.
  3. Half Marathon: Also known as 21 km, the half marathon is a distance that requires good physical conditioning. It’s a real challenge for runners looking to push their limits.
  4. Marathon: The marathon, with its 42.195 km, is considered one of the most iconic and challenging races in the world of running. It’s a true test of endurance and determination and is a goal for many runners.

Most Famous Championships

In addition to amateur and regional races, there are renowned road racing championships that attract elite athletes from around the world. Some of the most famous championships are:

  1. Boston Marathon: Held annually since 1897, the Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and most prestigious street races in the world. The race attracts thousands of runners, with a challenging route and unique traditions.
  2. New York Marathon: With a course that crosses the five boroughs of New York City, this marathon is considered one of the most exciting and iconic on the planet. It takes place annually and brings together athletes from different countries.
  3. Berlin Marathon: Known for its flat and fast course, the Berlin Marathon is famous for providing an environment conducive to breaking records. Many elite runners choose this race to look for historic marks.


Street running is an activity that has conquered millions of people around the world. Its rich history, challenging distances and famous championships all contribute to its growing popularity. Whether it’s to achieve personal goals, push boundaries or simply enjoy the physical and mental benefits, road running continues to attract individuals of all ages and fitness levels. So, put your shoes on, take a deep breath and get going, because street racing is waiting for you!

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